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ANDREA BENVEDUTI/We are backing young talents

“Liguria is something else”: this is the claim of the promotional campaign devised by the Regional Government of Liguria as a gesture after the events that struck the region in 2018: snappy posters in Italian airports and international newspapers show people that the Region has lots more to offer beyond the picture postcard image of its unique landscapes.

Cutting edge technology, art, culture. The audiovisual industry is an engine that unites and drives all these aspects. The regional administration is convinced of this and, since 2017, has organized a € 1 million audiovisual Support Fund through the Department for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship which was confirmed for 2018.

Also fully convinced is Councilor Andrea Benveduti with whom, on the eve of the opening of the second window of the open call (from May 30th to June 28th), we weigh up the objectives set and achieved.

“Our main objective” says Andrea Benveduti “was to link the productions with the region of Liguria, a natural stage that unites the coast with the neighboring hinterland from where it is already possible to see almost mountainous scenarios, to the historic town centers, the places of art. We have a natural advantage from which we wanted to start again in order to reposition the Liguria brand and promote it through audiovisual productions.
Moreover, we have a whole series of facilities and professional skills to offer and that we intend to develop.

The Fund is an essential tool in this regard…
I am convinced it is also because it involves grants.
The first open call in 2017 was immediately saturated.
In 2018, with a similar allocation, we received 24 requests with the first call which exceeded the available funds and that we will try to meet with this second tranche.
I was struck by one piece of data: in 2018 around 4000 nights were booked in hotels by audiovisual productions, which means creating employment even in periods outside the tourist season.

Technological excellence is one of the jewels in the crown of Liguria and also a central feature of the audiovisual policy. I am thinking, for example, of the Audiovisual Production Center of Cornigliano where many young businesses have settled …
I recently visited Cornigliano and the companies that have settled in the Polo or Center, and I was pleasantly surprised by the nucleus of expertise that demonstrates all the dynamism of a broad sector.
I was struck by Untold Games a company of young video game developers now established on a European level to such an extent that they are expanding their activities to 3D and virtual production for pharmaceutical companies as well.
Also remarkable is Waves, a recording studio again run by very young peo- ple, among the most modern and cutting edge in Italy. A very profitable meeting place is being created.

Backing young people also means investing in training …
That is a fundamental point also because many types of workers are involved in audiovisuals: from dressmakers to carpenters, from electricians to IT experts.
With the councilor responsible for training, Ilaria Cavo, we have taken steps to support the Genova-Liguria Film Commission which is currently in the process of becoming accredited as a training body with the Regional Government and accessing all the initiatives in this field.

Will the Open Calls continue in the near future?


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