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ALTO ADIGE/Roberto Faenza films in Bolzano

With the support of the BLS Film Fund & Locations, filming started at the end of April, in Alto Adige, in and around Bolzano, on the new movie by Roberto Faenza, “Anita B.” (provisional title), produced by Jean Vigo Italia and co-produced by Cinemaundici. The story, written by the director himself, with Edith Bruck, is set in Hungary in 1945, in an Eastern European village. The Second World War has just ended and young Anita, a concentration camp survivor, is living with the family of her paternal aunt, Monika, her only relative to escape the death camps. The movie stars Eline Powell, Robert Sheehan and Andrea Osvart. Bolzano and the area surrounding the city will also provide the location for the new movie by Luca Minero, a modern family comedy which is also a reflection on the Camorra, and stars Paola Cortellesi, Rocco Papaleo, Luca Argentero and Angela Finocchiaro. The movie is produced by Cattleya, in collaboration with Warner Bros.Entertainment Pictures Italia 

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