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About us

The magazine

Cinema&Video International is a Professional Cinema and Audiovisual magazine, published in Italian and English, founded in 1994.

The editor of the magazine is Paolo Di Maira 7 issues are published per year.

The magazine is distributed by postal subscription, through selected bookshops in the main Italian cities and at the top international theatrical and TV events: Berlin Film Festival (February), Mip Tv, Cannes (April), Cannes Film Festival (May), Giornate Professionali di Cinema (July and November), Venice Film Festival (September), MIPCOM, Cannes (October), Festa del Cinema, Rome, Turin Filmm Festival ( November).

Circulation: 5000 copies 


Target: Sector professionals:

producers, distributors, exhibitors, exporters, representatives from technical industries, directors, actors, scriptwriters, Film Commissions, cinema festival directors and organizers plus:
Regional and private tourism agencies, Pro loco organizations, local government, tourist operators


The Editorial line is particularly attentive to new market scenarios and the economic opportunities created by audiovisuals which enhance the value and visibility of other production sectors (tourism, books..) through their relationship with the same Cinema&Video International boasts a substantial readership of non-experts who-possibly for this reason-are sensitive to the attraction of this sector and whish to be informed about what is happening ?behind the scenes?

We were the first  in Italy  to write about Film Commissions and have published a monograph on movie tourism ( in 2005).

In 2006 we began writing about books and their links to cinema and television.


Luoghi&Locations is the section of Cinema&Video International that focuses on the most interesting initiatives that use cinema and television to develop locations. Just as our imagination transforms the places dear to our heart into locations, movies – with their huge reservoir of collective imagination – can offer the territory a special kind of magic: from places to locations, from film enthusiasts to tourists.

Cinema&Video International reports on Film Commissions, regional promotional activities and movie tourism, with articles and investigations aimed at evaluating the economic effects of audiovisuals.


Libro & Schermo
In our constant search for points of contact between creativity and markets, we have entered the world of literature which is increasingly building up a relationship with audiovisuals. Book &Screen was set up to maximize these reciprocal forays and follow the emergence of new opportunities close-up.Since 2010 Cinema&Video International has been a partner of Industry Books, a section of The Business Street, the Market of the International Rome Film Festival, which is dedicated to promoting the latest books available for movie adaptation.



About us

The Management 

Paolo Di Maira, journalist, founded Cinema&Video International in 1994, bringing to the new publication all the experience and resources accumulated directing Nuovo Cinema Europeo, the memorable professional sector magazine published until 1993.

He carried out communications consultancy activities for cultural institutions and prestigious audiovisual companies.  (Mifed-Fiera Milano; Rai Trade; Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane).

The relationship between cinema and territory, which has always played an important role in Cinema&Video (with features dedicated to movie tourism, the activities of the film commissions and regional funds for audiovisuals), led to the establishment of the “Centro Studi su Audiovisivo e Territorio Luoghi&Location” in 2005, with Andrea Rocco and Alessandro Signetto, as well as the creation and realization of “Emotions in Italy”, an on-line magazine dedicated to Italian lifestyles, culture and regions, in collaboration with tourist operator “Ville in Italia” and Carolina Mancini.

Through his company, IMPACT, he edits Cinema&Video International, and also write articles for third party clients.


Editorial office and Contributors 

Cinema&Video International receives contributions from sector journalists and experts selected from audiovisual professionals in both Italy and abroad. Carolina Mancini (who is also the editor of Emotions in Italy) is head of the editorial office in Florence.

The advertising agent for Cinema & Video International, with exclusive rights for the audiovisual sector, is Aps Advertising S.r.l






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