There’s time until April 30 to present animation projects related to the Bando POR MARCHE FESR 2014/2020 “Filiera Cineaudiovisiva”-Cine- audiovisual Production Chain Open Call, published by the Marche Region, with a total allocation of €1,200,000.
The contribution which can be distributed for each project amounts to a maximum of € 300,000 for films and TV series, up to € 40,000 for documentaries and shorts and up to € 50,000 for formats to cover 50% of the expenses sustained in the region in all the production and promotional phases, which can go up to 70% for projects considered to be of marked regional significance.

For filming in the region and site services it is possible to directly contact the Marche Film Commission – Fondazione Marche Cultura

The open call can be viewed at:

Bando Filiera Cineaudiovisiva 2019 – Regione Marche

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