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2015/15 Good reasons to shoot in the Region

● 15% of the budget spent by productions in the region is covered by the FC Torino Piemonte

● Flexibility – There are no competitive bids and deadlines. Audio- visual productions can access the support without following any special bureaucratic procedures.
● European locations – the region does not just offer a variety of landscapes with a strong identity but, above all, with the city of Turin, it can offer ideal locations for European settings.

● Logistics – the Film Commission Torino Piemonte makes available its cinema citadel, an 8,000 sq. meter structure which can provide productions with offices, meeting and rehearsal rooms, warehouses for set materials and a movie theater.

● On-site crew – Thanks to the level of specialization of the professional figures present in the region, producers can put together their crews on-site with consequent savings on travel allowances.

● Dramas get longer with Rai’s Turin Production Center. In Spring 2015 Rai’s Production Center, with the support of the Film Commission, will realize an ambitious long-running series project.

● Tax credits are easier with FIP – Only in Piedmont does the Film Commission work in synergy with a structure– Film Investimenti Piemonte – that specializes in providing external tax credit advice to companies in the region outside the sector.

● From the city to the region – Producers are offered new opportunities in the provinces, combining the variety and originality of the landscapes with economic advantages.

●1.5 million Euros – This is the amount invested in 2014 by non-sector entrepreneurs in the region with tax credits for productions filmed in Piedmont.

● An entrepreneur president who can tell another entrepreneur what the Film Commission can do.

● Internationality. Audiovisual promotion is enhanced if it is combined with promoting the excellences of the region. The Film Commission Torino Piemonte is working on a co-production project with China involving Piedmontese wine producers.

● Tourism –cinema in Piedmont is also seizing the big event-oppor- tunity offered by EXPO 2015. The Film Commission, in agreement with regional administrators, is working on the organization of movie tourism itineraries in the region.

● 6 million Euros in total – The Film Commission’s 3 million Euro budget allocated by public partners last year has been confirmed. In 2015 it aims to double the budget with the same amount of private investment.

● 15 million Euros – This is the economic effect on Piedmont in 2014 from the 76 projects supported .

● 15 years – The Film Commission Torino Piemonte’s story began in 2000. 15 years of experience and passion.

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